Theodore Whal (deceased)

The head of the Therataru Cult Branch


bright blond hair and blue eyes.
He is always wearing a brown cloak and never reveals what he may hide under it.

Before Quest 1 He had his vial of Gargoyle blood stolen from him.

During Quest 1 He enlisted the help of the Party to retrieve his potion from the nobles holding it in Therataru after witnessing them fight with Dan the Barbarian.

As the party exited the manor in chains he ordered his cult to attack their captors, only to capture the party as well.
After leading the party, hooded and blind, up Mt. Fon He proceeded with a ritual to summon a Gargoyle using the blood they had obtained.
After the death of the gargoyle He was slain in the proceeding battle between our heroes and the cultists.


Theodore Whal (deceased)

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