The Land of Voth

Quest #5, Beneath the depths of Ketka

Once again we join our hero’s

Octavia Sebastian, The Cleric
Edward Allengrove, The Paladin
Delidia Waynolt, The Sorcerer
Tanika Sokoll, The Druid
Corin Greybarrel, The Rogue

and a new arrival!
Eden Lennox, A Bard

Once again we left our hero’s in Ketka, where which they had recently saved the city from a war with the Gnolls from the forest to the south. And now Eden, A traveling bard, who is now playing in the main square of Ketka looking for tips.
Dividing into several groups the party split up in an attempt to find another job to do. Delidia, and Tanika proceeded to the university, Edward and Octavia went to the local temple, and Corin decided to stick around the square an enjoy the new music. As Eden played his music, Dan the barbarian, drunk as per the norm, stumbled towards him, and started hassling the bard. In response Eden began to improvise Dan into his songs, making demeaning and cruel statements about him as he sang. Enraged by the man’s music Dan shoved the bard, somehow causing him to swallow his own Ocarina. Coring stepped in at this point, helping Eden expel the instrument from his airway and send the enraged barbarian packing.
Deciding that Eden might want to join them on their adventures Corin invited the man along to join in their shenanigans.
Edward and Octavia were unable to obtain any useful information at the temple, but Tanika and Delidia were able to talk to a professor at the university. They were told about how there was an old Orc Barracks that might still be buried under the city, and how the old commander of the Orc ranks, had magical armor of some type. He offered several of the amulets in his collection if they could bring back a piece of the armor.
After some information collecting around town, they met up with one of the oldest residents, who was at the temple. He told the party of how strange noises came from the fountain in the square at night, but he could never tell how or why.
The following night the party went to investigate the fountain, which drains out at night. After some investigation, and some brute strength Edward proceeded to lift up a section of the stone base of the fountain that had sealed off a shaft downwards. Tying a rope around the fountain the party proceeded down into the dark.
Almost immediately upon landing the party was confronted with the undead remains of the Orc army. Several Orc Zombies and Troll skeletons began attacking the party. Without any significant trouble the party was able to re-dispatch the undead creatures.
Looking around the now unoccupied cavern Corin discovered that one of the walls was actually made of wood. Edward in his gusto smashed a hole in the wall through which they could enter the old abandoned barracks. Almost immediately upon entering Eden noticed large piles of rust on the ground, and as far as he knew, even if there was still armor down there, it shouldn’t have been completely rusted by now.
Cautiously proceeding into the barracks the party heard some noise coming from several rooms ahead. Proceeding into said room they found themselves watching two shield guardians fight against rust monsters, while the magic metal resisted the rust, the effects could still be seen slowly taking over the metal manikins. deciding to attempt to avoid the fight Tanika launched a flaming sphere as they passed but otherwise proceeded onwards. In the next room the party came accross a gigantic suit or armor, with the Igno of metal planted inside of it, though the armor had also started to rust after centuries underground. As the party approached the armor rumbled to life and began to assault the party. While everyone fought valiantly, Corin lost his life near the end of the battle, as the golem picked him up, and proceeded to smash him into the floor.
Luckily for Corin Octavia had obtained a scroll of resurrection a few days back, and was able to bring the little man back from the beyond. beaten and weak the party salvaged the golem’s armor and proceeded back towards the surface, unluckily for Edward, one of the rust monsters from before had survived, and surprise attacked the party, causing the piece of armor he was carrying to instantly disintegrate. Before the monster had another chance to destroy their reward, the party dispatched the creature.
Upon making it back to the surface, they delivered the helm of the armor to the university, getting several magical amulets as rewards, and the rest to the blacksmith, where they proceeded to request new armor be made for them.



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