The Land of Voth

Quest #4 The Gnoll's Task

Once again we join our hero’s

Octavia Sebastian, The Cleric
Edward Allengrove, The Paladin
Delidia Waynolt, The Sorcerer
Tanika Sokoll, The Druid
Corin Greybarrel, The Rogue

The morning after their fight with the wolves the parted happened across a group of 3 men. The were obviously cultists and they seemed rather disturbed. Approaching them Edward spoke with the odd men. After a bit of chatting he discovered that they had escaped from their insane leader who had forced them into the spider’s layer. The men then fled almost immediately a the mention that they might be dragged back to that location.
As the party continued deeper into the woods the trees began to change. Eventually it was visible that mats of fiber hung from the trees, almost as if someone had hung tattered clothing from the branches. Tanika recognized that this ‘cloth’ was actually thick pieces of spiders web.
Eventually the ground stated to get covered by the webs. Suddenly Corin jumped out of the way as the ground beneath the group collapsed into a pit. Several spiders jumped out of holes in the pit while larger spider descended from the trees in the area. As the battle raged both Corin and Delidia were poisoned by the spider’s venom. Eventually slaying the carapaced creatures Corin fell unconscious to the poison shortly there after. In a rush to heal his friend Edward attempted to heal Corin to no avail at first, but eventually brought his friend back.
They continued to the Cave’s entrance the group was immediately confronted with two giant spiders. Tanika then cast a spell in an attempt to communicate with the spiders, but they were too intent of ‘protecting the eggs’ to bother with reason. One of the Spider then went off to another chamber with the second charged at the party. Almost immediately Edward began attack the target with ranged assistance from Takina and Corin, as well as spells from Delidia and Octavia.
The spider then grabbed a hold of Edward and wrapped him in webbing, but only a moment before he fell to the rest of the group’s attacks.
Avoiding the chamber the second spider had fled too the party entered a cavern and almost immediately noticed the scorched walls. Upon further observation they noticed several burned corpses laying around, both spider and human, and a single lone man standing in the center of the room, holding the sun stone. After a moment of debating between themselves Edward charged at the man, only to pass through him as he disintegrated into a pile of ash.
After a few moments of confusion the pile of ash burst into flame to form a fire elemental, engulfing the stone inside. Again a battle raged the the party teamed together to take down the flaming planewalker. Eventually with scorched leather and smoking hair, the party managed to snuff the flame and retrieve the stone.
After several days journey to return to the Gnoll’s they were recieved with open arms. After returning the Gnoll’s sacred relic the group began to return to Ketka and rest in the Inn, only to stop as they passed a morbid scene. The Military barricade had been overrun by the gnolls while they where on their quest. Several of the local gnolls said they recieved orders to stop only just after the battle had been won.



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