The Land of Voth

Quest #3 Ketka at War

(sadly its been almost 2 weeks since this session so I do not remember the details of the battles)

Once again we join our hero’s

Octavia Sebastian, The Cleric
Edward Allengrove, The Paladin
Delidia Waynolt, The Sorcerer
Tanika Sokoll, The Druid
Corin Greybarrel, The Rogue

We left the party at the top of the lost tower in Rivanor wood. Just as they were about to leave a book caught Delidia’s eye. Poorly written and almost illegible, the book took her quite some time to make sense of. In the end she was able to discern several things from the notes. First is that there are nine magical items that have powers over thing. These stones could control, fire, water, earth, air, lightning, light, shadow, nature, and metal. And, that if these objects were brought together, they would cause a catastrophe across the land.
Descending back down the tower the party continued north towards the next town Ketka. As they neared the edge of the forest a patrol of gnolls passed near bye. As the party attempted to hide once again Delidia alerted the gnolls by tripping on an upturned root and fell. Thus the following battle ensued between 8 gnolls in the patrol and the party.
Eventually the party made it to Ketka, a large military outpost and trade center in the kingdom of Voth. The party then split up, Tanika and Delida went to the university in an attempt to expand her knowledge of potions, but since this city was a military one, there was no useful information. Edward, Octavia, and Corin, proceeded to the blacksmith, where they sold some of their loot and had their weapons sharpened.
After reconvening they proceeded to the temple, only after Edward purchased a flagon of ale at the Inn. The temple was of the same goddess of that in Therataru. While there they gathered some information from the local clerics and ascertained that the cult had been ousted from the city some time ago, most of the members fleeing into the forest. Shortly there after the Gnolls began attacking.
Assuming that the cult had caused the Gnoll’s aggression the Party then proceeded to the Barracks to hear from the military. While inside they were taken to the general of the batalion who didn’t know much more.
Soon after the party went to talk with the Gnolls. While on their way to the forest they came upon a military encampment, who requested their party’s help as mercenaries, which they declined. After venturing into the forest a ways the Group came upon another patrol of Gnolls. In an attempt to gain the Gnolls trust Edward offered the wiskey he had recently purchased, which the gnolls appreciated.
Leading the party back to their encampment the party entered a large clearing full of teepees. A few moments later they stood in front of a rather large gnoll, who immediately demanded their sun stone back. After a bit of discussion about who could have taken the object the party was tasked with retrieving it with the company of one of the gnoll’s best warriors.
Traveling for quite a few days the party was assulted by a pack of winter wolves one night, which posed a unique threat, but were dispatched of quickly.



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