The Land of Voth

Quest #2 Rivanor Wood

We join our hero’s Once again.

Octavia Sebastian, The Cleric
Edward Allengrove, The Paladin
Delidia Waynolt, The Sorcerer
Tanika Sokoll, The Druid (not with us this session)
Corin Greybarrel, The Rogue

After their run in with the cult our Hero’s decided that they would head north. Speaking with the Innkeeper in Therataru they found out that there was a city up to the north, several days travel on foot. Deciding not to loiter around Therataru the group hit the trail immediately.
Their first night on the road was anything but relaxing as they were assaulted by several highwaymen. During the ensuing skirmish Edward, in an attempt to push one of the men into the fire, tripped and fell in the flames himself. After our Paladin’s comical events, most of the assaulter were dispatched, while two managed to flee.
The next day the party continued Northwards and continued into Rivanor Wood. Stopping once in an attempt to find some herbs. Again, Edward in his wisdom decided to taste test a potion he had grabbed from one of the cultists. Resulting in his mouth melding shut, which was resolved with a little assistance from Corin’s daggers. While there were no other problems on the road our hero’s eventually spotted a large, iron clad tower off in the woods.
Deciding to investigate the tower the hero’s made their way off the road and into the trees. As they approached the tower Octavia spotted sever lights near the tower. As they got closer Delidia was able to identify them as will-o-wisps. After a few moment the Wisps moved on and the hero’s proceeded to enter the tower.
The hero’s entered the first floor of the tower to be greeted by a wave of head, as if stepping into a sauna. Most of the room was a steaming pond, being fed from a crack in one of the walls, and a path around the edge of it. In the center of the pond a white marble orb crested above the surface, but it was far out of reach. Using his prior experience with the potion in his possession Edward proceeded to seal the crack in the wall with the melding liquid. The water level soon fell as a significant portion of the water flowed out as the source had been cut off. Finally Octavia retrieved the orb with little effort using one of her spears.Using the orb as a magical device the party proceeded up the now vanished staircase to the second floor.
The second room of the tower was littered with bodies, it seemed to be an open room save for them. The far wall had an iron door as well as glowing words scrawled on the wall. Translating the writing as best he could Corin found that it was goblin and said something along the lines of ‘beware arcane’. As the party searched the room for whatever might let them proceed Corin found a silver key hidden on one of the bodies, and they proceeded to the next floor.
As the party entered the next floor they noticed it seemed to be compeltly empty. After a few moments pondering what the room could be Octavia noticed that they were all sinking into the floor. A moment later Delidia Noticed that there was a doorway a few feet under the semisolid translucent floor. As the hero’s sank into the Semi-solid ooze Edward and Delidia made their way to the door, while Corin and Octavia struggled to move at all. Gasping for air Edward finally managed to pull open the door and assist the rest into the air.
Up on the next floor of the tower the party was confronted with a peculiar fountain of red liquid. Upon investigation more goblin words were scrawled on the fountain that read ‘A lock of Liquid’. Managing to peer into the liquid Octavia was able to see a lever located at the bottom of the fountain. Delidia proceeded to freeze the liquid in the fountain, almost icing the entire fixture over, and Edward proceeded to smash his way down to the lever. As the lever flipped a door appeared to the next floor.
The fifth floor of the tower was open, on two opposite walls were markings, and a door accross from them. On one was the following marks. III I IV I V IX
and on the opposite wall there were shapes written on the wall. Square, Rhombus, Triangle, Pentagon, Circle, Heagon, Oval.
Also being stumped by this puzzle an amazing thing happened as Edward managed to come up with the answer, Converting the roman numerals to numbers, he surmised that it was indeed PI, After a moment he walked over to the circle on the wall and etched in the Radius, causing the door to open.
Now at the Sixth floor of the tower the party was greeted by two will-o-wisps in what appeared to be a study. Attempting to approach the Wisps only caused the balls of light to flee out the window with extreme gusto. Moments later, two of the suits of armor spun to life, as if the air inside them was alive. These, armored air elementals proceeded to screech at the party and Octavia charged in to respond. The insuing battle dragged on as the Party had a hard time hitting the floating armor. Eventually they managed to fell the two and loot the room of its magical items.



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