The Land of Voth

Quest #1, Deception in Therataru

The Mischivous Theodore Whal

This is the start of our adventure
Our heroes
Octavia Sebastian : A Cleric
Edward Allengrove : A Paladin
Delidia Waynolt : A Sorcerer
Tanika Sokoll : A Druid
Corin Greybarrel : A Rogue

The party arrived in the port town of Therataru, a good sized town in the land of Voth. The Town is a bustling with commerce traffic from day to day.
Our Heroes Start their journeys by splitting up. Edward, Tanika, and Octavia, first go to the graveyard, where upon they meet an oddly Irish Cleric. After their conversation with the holy man they wait outside the town Inn for the other two members.
Delidia starts her journey by visiting the town potion shop with Corin in tow. Upon talking with the Shopkeeper she proceeds to the next shop, a farming store, where in which she trys to buy several herbs, but the shopkeeper takes a disliking to her and attempts to charge a high price, which she is unwilling to pay. After harassing the storekeeper with her pet bat, Betty, the man yells at the two to get out of the shop, which they do.

Upon reconnecting with the group they proceeded into the Inn in search of local news. The bartender was friendly enough and proceeded to tell the group about a supposed summoning that was going to be taking place. Almost immediately after their conversation a man, Dan the Barbarian, start to pick a fight with Edward. A fight brakes out between the party and Dan and is silenced just as quickly as Delidia charms the man into calming down.

As the party leaves the bar another man, Theodore Whal, Runs to catch up with them. Feeding them misinformation about the summoning they had just heard about, That the nobles were behind it and attempting to summon a gargoyle. he convinces the group to break into the nobles manor and steal his potion back. Providing the heroes with a grappling hook which Corin proceeds to hold. Suggesting that the Party waits for Nightfall they decide to visit the local temple.

As they enter the temple Edward is unable to recognize the god’s symbol on the door, but they quickly learn that it is the temple of Rivanin, a local lawful good god of Voth, who teaches kindness to companions and is said to smite though travelers who do misdeeds to others. Edward receives the priests blessing and donates some of his gold to the church as well as Tanika.

As they exit the temple the sun has nearly set and they begin to scale the walls of the mannor.
The ledge that the manor sits on proves difficult for both Edward and Tanika but they, with the help of a rope from Octavia, make it up the ledge. They then proceed to scale the wall with little trouble, but as they drop down the other side, Delidia accidentally dropped her staff, which clatters to the ground. The nearest group of guards is alerted to the noise and attempts to find the part, but they are able to run away in the darkness, that is, until Delidia fumbles her staff again.
Now several groups of patrolling guards are alerted to the presence of the party as well, as they try to flee into the nearest building. Corin attempted to pick the lock to the door as the guards close in, only to have the door kicked in by an impatient Edward. Storming into the empty house the party readied themselves to fight the guards that were fast approaching.
Having prepared themselves the group manages to fell the first two guards before they can even act. One of which had a blow horn to alert other guards if needed. During this initial fight three guards are incapacitated by Edward, Tanika, and Octavia. Who knock one out, bisect, and charge to crush the skull of the guards respectively.
Surrounding Octavia who just ran out to do away with one of the guards, they proceed to attack her. While one blow connects, a misstep by one of the guards causes himself damage. The rest of the party proceeds to rush out and assist their friend, felling the remaining three guards.
The party proceeds to look through the contents of the unoccupied building, finding two sets of the nobles clothing, one male and one female.
After debating who gets what the party moves on to the next building, in which Corin successfully picks the lock. Upon entering the door to the new building, Tanika, Delidia, and Octavia all notice a passage located behind a bookcase, all the while Corin was admiring the woodwork of the door he just opened.
Descending into the basement of the building Delidia notices a guard in the room across from them and Corin proceeds to take the opportunity to sneak up and dispatch the unsuspecting guard. The rest of the party proceeds to move out into the main room and a battle with the remaining three guards commences. As they battle both Tanika and Edward take several hits and Octavia heals them accordingly.
After the battle is won the characters retrieve the purple vial from a holding pedestal in the larger room. Delidia, an alchemist and herbalist, recognizes the type of liquid as blood, but can’t specifically identify it, though they assume it is the blood of a gargoyle from Theodore’s information.
As they proceed to exit the manor a group from the temple arrives, immediately accusing the party of thievery, assault, and murder of the potion and guards respectively. In an attempt to avoid a battle Edward Convinces the Church Paladins to hear them out instead of passing judgment immediately. Agreeing with their fellow paladin the church paladins proceed to handcuff the part and walk them towards the church.
As the group walks across town they are assaulted by a large group of cultists. While the church group is able to fell many of the cultists they are eventually overwhelmed and brought down. The cultists then knocked each of the part members out and drug them into a nearby building.
In the morning the cultists woke up our heroes, who were now blinded as their heads were covered by leather bags.
The cultists proceeded to march the heroes out of town and up a hill, they marches for several hours, both Corin and Tanika stumbling several times along the way as their endurance wavered.
Uppon reaching their destination the hoods were taken off and then were immediately pushed into a pit, but not before Octavia noticed that they were on top of one of the mountains in the area.
While in the pit the party struggled out of their manacles, Corin, Octavia, and Edward succeeding rather quickly. As they sat in the pit the cultists finished their summoning ritual and a Fleshy gargoyle took flight. As the gargoyle approached the three that had managed to escape their bonds began to assault the flying beast with whatever they could. With an incredible throw Octavia managed to injure the eye of the beast with one of her javelin as both Corin and Edward hit its body with arrows. As the beast landed Delidia and Tanika freed themselves from their bonds and the gargoyle proceeded to attack Octavia for the severe injury she just caused him. As the battle raged Octavia was repeatedly attacked as the party attempted to bring down the beast. Summoning her pet, Tanika’s riding dog proceeded to bite the gargoyle only to be thrown across the pit moments later. In a last effort to bring the beast down Delidia froze the beast with her ray of frost as the finishing blow.
Outraged by the defeat of their beast the cultists raided the pit, most making it down successfully except for one who fell to his death. Among those now in the pit was Theodore who proceeded to enlarge one of his fellow cultists. As the battle raged the party slew the cultists, charmed the larger one, and ended Theodore, but not without taking damage themselves.
Before his end Delidia managed to extract information out of Theodore, who told them that this was only a small extension of the cult.



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