Hello one and all to the land of Voth!

This is a campaign I am running with several friends online,
this started out as a game to see if some of my long distance friends would like to play D&D.
But now it is turning into something different.
An Experiment.

While initially I just wanted to play this to try my hand at DMing and introduce my friends to the world of D&D. I only started out with two games of D&D under my belt and just a general knowledge of the rules, but I felt as though making my own campaign was the only way to do this so here I am.

But now my goal has changed, it is now to play through an entire campaign only using free online resources, one set of rule books, and printable character sheets.

This is for several reasons, First is that I believe you should be able to play D&D with only a general knowledge of the rules, the only time you need to know the specifics is when you DM, and even then its a learn as you go process.

Secondly I believe a campaign tailored to the group is ALWAYS more effective then any pre-made campaign, because then your have a much better feel for the characters, their reactions, when to bend the rules, or when to slap the characters in the face with reality.

While I am trying to keep my players alive that is not mandatory, If they start to do stupid or obviously unwise actions I will attempt to kill them. Though I hope my players are a little smarter then that.

The Land of Voth